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Dan Boyle and The Boyle Team

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The Boyle Team was designed after the most successful real estate sales teams in the country. By leveraging economies of scale, technology and automation, teams like ours sell far more real estate than the average agent. We do it faster and for more money, too.

Beyond placing a home in the MLS and the newspaper, most agents have no real means to sell your property. That’s not good. We think it is illegitimate to take a listing without delivering a unique and vast pool of buyers. Our database contains over 15,000 potential buyers of your home. Most listing agents have not built anything that could be described as a buyer database, much less developed a system to market to it. Find out what sets us apart.

By assembling an experienced and sharp team of specialists that focus on engaging qualified buyers, The Boyle Team delivers results that others can’t – and they do it for the same price the others charge. Contact us for more information.


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